Toronto Ghost Stories: High Park

If you are interested in Toronto urban legends, then you’ll be excited to know that a legend exists in High Park that is full of spooky historical details. If you aren’t a fan of ghosts — don’t worry! This legend, told by Edward Brown, is not based in the Junction and the ghost will not be bothering you at your beautiful Campbell Loft. So if you can’t handle the haunted truth — then I suggest you stop reading now. For the brave Torontonians out there — this is the story for you!

High Park

Photo cred: Toronto Public Library

The setting of this story takes place at High Park’s Grenadier Pond, a 35-acre pond with a murky, muddy base. There are many different legends surrounding this pond’s name and the most popular tale speaks of the deaths of many grenadiers who were in the Eighth Regiment of Foot, during the War of 1812. Apparently, several soldiers were pursuing American troops and fell through the ice on the pond to their deaths.

There was an edition of the Toronto Daily, from 1913, that describes the appearance of a phantom that arose from the pond. The phantom was mistaken for a cloud of mist and then towered above spectators. Some people even swear that they heard a loud groan from the pond. Although, a few weeks later, it was reported that these apparitions were caused by miscreants with flashlights and they were behind the haunting. Or were they…?

High Park

Photo cred: City of Toronto Archives

You can believe whatever you want to believe, but the depths of High Park’s muddy waters contain a deep history and a haunted truth, that only the brave can handle. If you dare, take a walk to High Park’s Grenadier Pond and see the truth for yourself.

There are no ghosts in our lofts — so after your haunted walk, take a tour in our Campbell Lofts and become comforted by your beautiful surroundings!