Top 5 art galleries in and around the Junction

1. Jessica Bradley Gallery – 74 Miller Street

The Jessica Bradley Gallery is today one of the most influential galleries in Toronto. After years of working as a curator for some of Canada’s most recognized museums, Bradley opened her own gallery in 2005 in a small, 500 square foot, space in Toronto’s West end. Bradley grew her business by combining risky aesthetic sensibilities with cautious operational sense. Thanks to her success, she moved her operations and opened a second location at the west end edge of the Junction. Today the gallery is known for its diversity and has established a reputation for showing a new generation of critically acclaimed Canadian artists.

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2. Division Gallery & Arsenal Toronto – 45 Ernest Avenue

Both Division Gallery and Arsenal Toronto share this large art gallery space at the Junction. With an astonishing 7000 square foot coverage and 25 foot tall ceilings, this gallery feels like an airline hanger compared to other gallery spaces in the neighbourhood. Both galleries, owned by Montreal art enthusiasts Pierre and Anne-Marie Trahan, showcase contemporary Canadian and international art. They represent a variety of cutting-edge Canadian artists while also offering group shows of international provenance.

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3. Narwhal – 2104 Dundas Street West

Established in 2008, Narwhal provides an international platform for emerging and mid-career Canadian and international artists. Narwhal is critically engaged with the ways in which contemporary art, design and visual culture overlap and have become entrenched in international contemporary art practices. The gallery aims to be an accessible public space that serves as a forum for engaging with contemporary art and the specific visions of the work they present. Narwhal also helps the artists they represent develop their careers by acting as a liaison with other galleries and institutions as well by publishing exhibition catalogues, artists multiples and monographs.

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4. Articsok Gallery – 1697 St. Clair Avenue West

Articsok is a small, 740 square foot, commercial gallery featuring paintings, sculptures and photography from contemporary Canadian and International artists. The founders Csilla Csiki and Peter Alexander Por want to advance the benefits of creating and experiencing art. They assist customers in selecting memorable works and forge an ongoing and lasting business relationship.

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5. Olga Korper Gallery – 17 Morrow Avenue

Olga Korper Gallery opened its current location, just south of the Junction in 1989. It took about a year and a half to renovate this huge industrial space into a gallery, but the result is definitely worth a visit. Established in 1973, the Olga Korper Gallery is committed to the promotion and exhibition of Canadian and international contemporary artists. They have long demonstrated a commitment to paintings and sculptures, but have broadened their scope to include installation and photo-based work.

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