La Revolucion

Even if there were more Mexican restaurants in the Junction, La Revolucion would still take the proverbial campechana. Located at Keele and Dundas, this Mexican joint is anything but average– the delicacies it serves just might give you a taste revolution.

Opened in November 2010 by owner Indira, the place is sparsely decorated, but that only adds to the taste. A lavish indoors can often make up for a lack of taste in the foods, but the opposite is true here. Though the decoration is minimal, the walls are still showcasing several pictures of Mexico, and the tables are covered with a burlap-style tablecloth sprinkled with “Jarrito” bottlecaps underneath a sheet of glass to preserve the image.

What’s better than a margarita on a hot summer day? La Revolucion’s margaritas are made of freshly squeezed lime juice, with a salty rim covering that’s blended with several spices that have all been infused with lime, which adds a special twist to their treats that makes La Revolucion stand out from other restaurants that serve the lime beverage.

If it’s not the margaritas that keeps the customers coming back, it’s the guacamole. Everybody who comes in loves the dip, which is, of course, a necessity for a Mexican restaurant. For local natives who love to proclaim where they’re from, La Revolucion offers “The Junction Burrito,” a chicken-and-guacamole-stuffed burrito that’s something everybody can find appealing. All burritos can be mixed and matched together, without various meats including steak, chicken, and a shredded chicken mix cooked with onion and chipotle called “tinga,” which, according to owner Indira, is supposedly “addictive.”

Having recently paired up with a local microbrewery, Junction Craft Brewing, La Revolucion has their own beer available for those who want to pair their Mexican treats with an ice cold brew– Revolution Lager is said to be a delicious pairing for anything you might want from the La Revolucion menu.

There’s not a lot to see amid the minimal and simple decorations that La Revolucion has to offer, but hidden behind a large Mexican flag lies a back room that’s the complete opposite of what the front of the restaurant offers. Its dark walls are covered in records and the floors are covered in various instruments. The reason? Owner Indira is a musician himself, and this has caused him to want music to be a big part of La Revolucion. Starting in July, La Revolucion will welcome live music on Thursdays and Fridays, and open mike-style sessions will be a regular thing on Tuesdays. Currently in the works are “Flamenco Saturdays,” which might become so popular, they might start competing with Lenos Colombian restaurant’s frequent salsa dancing down the street.

With good food, good service, soon-to-be live music, and an enthusiastic and happy owner, La Revolucion is growing with the neighbourhood and is well on the way to becoming a favourite– not just for families, but for any trendy Torontonians who might be interested in checking out a hotspot or looking for a new favourite. Here’s a pint of Revolution Lager to hoping that all the positive changes Indira is making will not only please his old customers, but will attract new ones as well.