Honest Weight – Fish Market and Kitchen

Photo cred: honestweight.ca

If you’re looking for fish for take-out or for a nice seafood dinner, Honest Weight is the place to be. Transformed from a bland dentist office space into an intriguing, rustic seafood shop and restaurant, Honest Weight offers a variety of fresh seafood for customers who love old-timey places to eat or buy their fish. With handwritten menus on chalkboards and a wooden interior, Honest Weight’s owners, John Bil and Victoria Bazen, know what people want and how to give that homey look that keeps customers coming back.

Before opening Honest Weight, co-owner John Bil used to work at an oyster farm in Prince Edward Island — so he’s really no stranger to handling seafood, and is definitely someone who can be trusted.

A regularly changing menu keeps things fresh and exciting at this newfound seafood shack, and depends highly on the fish that the restaurant/store can bring in. From traditional food items to things with a twist, such as “Comacchio-style barbequed and pickled eel,” and “Limpit clams,” a common delicacy in the Azores islands, a region of Portugal located in the North Atlantic Ocean, it’s impossible to believe that there won’t be something at Honest Weight for any kind of eater — picky or not.

Beyond fresh fish and other seafood, Honest Weight also offers in-house made soda pop with flavours like blood orange and raspberry lemongrass. For those who like a drink at happy hour, Honest Weight are looking into adding alcoholic drinks to their menu in the future.

For those looking to eat in and enjoy their seafood menu in the place where it’s made, be warned: the few tables at Honest Weight fill up quick, as the friendly, kind service is an obvious draw-in for customers. The entire venue is small and cozy, but the good food, good smiles, and good quality items make this spot a fun and exciting new arrival to the Junction area, for dwellers and visitors alike.