How The Junction Triangle Got It’s Name

The Junction Triangle is a small neighbourhood in Toronto, located in between the Junction, Roncevalles and Bloordale Village. In 2009, residents of the area launched a contest to come up with a new name for the area – one that was hoped to better distinguish it from the Junction and perhaps reflect its historical ties to the railroad as well as the influx of new residents and businesses gradually assimilating into the area.

‘Junction Triangle’ had been used by the city for since the 1970s, as it forms a triangle inside the area of the Dovercourt-Wallace-Emerson-Junction district, surrounded on all three sides by railways lines. The primary issue being that it’s based on the nearby and much better known neighbourhood ‘The Junction’, and often leads to confusion.

‘The Fuzzy Boundaries’ project was created to try to find a new name. A vote was held in March of 2010. Roughly 230 options were officially submitted, and after a narrowing process the vote was between ten options. The final vote was as follows:

  • Junction Triangle – 46.6%
  • Perth Park (after the park at the centre of the area) – 27.6%
  • Black Oak Triangle (after the Eastern Black oaks that covered the area before settlers arrived) – 26.0%
  • East Junction – 25.8%
  • The Wedge – 25.5%
  • The Triangle – 25.2%
  • Railtown – 23.7%
  • Railpath (after the West Toronto Railpath) – 23.4%
  • Rail District – 23.0%
  • South Junction Triangle – 22.7%

So ‘Junction Triangle’ won by a significant margin, and frankly, it makes sense, since the area itself forms a triangle. The area is quickly on the rise as a location for budding creative and entrepreneurs. It’s worth noting that the Ubisoft Toronto’s office is located in the Junction Triangle; a welcoming sign that the Junction Triangle is attracting talented businesses.